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Loved mine, target barrel and new trigger with nylon bushes in the action. Was a rabbit killing machine, just need to look out for bullet lube/wax collecting in the action which then attracts dust and grit which can affect cycling. Put literally 1000s through mine with minimal issues, and it is fun to go full (semi) auto!

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9 hours ago, keeper96 said:

I’ve just bought a big standard 10/22 on a whim, what’s people’s thoughts and things to watch out for?

Things to watch out for - spending too much money on replacement parts!

Depends what model you have, I would start by checking it over. Make sure there's not too much room between the stock and action.

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I found mine to be very bullet fussy at first and would jam a lot and the more I cleaned it the worse it got. I then found out it loves 22 cci bullets and just blow it off with compressed air. I leave it alone running the std mag as I tried all the fancy extended mags ect and it never misses a beat now but I think everyone’s different so you just have to find what yours likes. I love mine and it’s killed so many rats I’ve lost count. 

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