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Sabine Schmitz has passed away.

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I've been expecting this news for months, I've tried lots of times to find any updates on her health after pulling out if the vlm race last year at the last minute and saying she was going to fight it and come back.

Been absolutely nothing about her until this sad news.

Rip Sabine the ring Queen.

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Great driver, great person, personality by the bucket load and a sense of humour. A genuine loss to the World.

Just watched the above clip again - saw it a few years ago - brilliant.


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If she had been a male foot ball player it would have been all over the news  .Sad . Having lost a young family member to cancer her death brings home the fact that for all the money and research cancer is still a major killer .

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57 minutes ago, ditchman said:

it is about time a woman should sit in a F1 car on the grid.....they keep playing with the idea but it aint happened yet.im sure there are girls out there that are good enough

Sadly, there probably aren't. it's not directly the fault of F1 per se; the fault really is at grassroots levels. There just aren't enough girls going into karting to find the ones who are genuinely world class enough to eventually get into F1 on merit. As with everything, it's an ever decreasing pool of resources the closer you get to the top. Fewer and fewer make it, but if you start with negligible numbers, what's the likelihood of getting someone getting into the top 20 drivers in the world?

Also the gap between FIA Formula 2 and F1 is the biggest gap in terms of speed, handling and technique of any of the leaps to jump. The closest at the moment is Jamie Chadwick. She's a development driver with Williams, but hasn't even got her super license yet, (needed to race in F1) and won't be able to for at least another two years because of Covid scuppering the 2020 W Series. She's only 22, so still has a bit of time on her hands, but being able to qualify and being good enough for a drive are two very different things...

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Just a heads up. Tonight at 7:30pm on BBC1, there's a special Top Gear tribute to Sabine Schmitz. The three new hosts are joined by Jeremy, James and Richard, as well as some others in a special half hour. Should be one to watch or catch up on anon

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