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BSA B44 Victor Special 1968 440cc


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Work carried out over the last few years:-

Replaced the crankcases due to a persistent oil leak through a porous section.
New low expansion, lighter “slipper” type JE Piston (from Ed Valiket in US) and rebore to suit
New valves (larger inlet) and new guides
Twin plug head
Titanium spring caps and new collets to suit
Mushroom valve adjusters and alloy locknuts
New big end fitted by Alpha, and Carrillo conrod, rebalanced to suit the lighter JE piston
Heavy duty main bearings shimmed for correct clearance
CCM / B50 scrambles cam
New wide foot type cam followers
Vernier timing pinion
Belt Drive and diaphragm clutch – Tony Hayward
Outrigger bearing on gearbox mainshaft behind clutch
200W alternator and new rotor to suit
New B50 oil pump and drive gears
Premier Concentric carb
Finned inlet manifold
Full set of gears and selectors and bearings 2ish years ago
Needle roller bearing conversion for sleeve gear (rather than bushes)
Later B50 gear index plate and matching selectors
New indexing pawls
High first gear pinion and layshaft gear to suit
Folding kickstart, splined fitting rather than silly cotter pin
Kickstart spindle to suit splined kickstart
New oil lines
Additional large diameter breather pipe
Crankcase oiling mod to provide oil bath for cam drive (see B50.org for details)
Pressure side oil filter mod (see B50.org for details)
Piston ceramic coated inside and on top
Head ceramic coated inside and out, plus outside of barrel
Larger exhaust pipe, Ceramic coating inside and out
12 point nuts on cyl head, makes fitting and torquing down a lot easier
Bolts rather than studs to assist head removal with ending in situ (if its ever needed)
Compression plate fitted to assist my ageing leg
Replacement gearbox dipstick
SRM sump plate with magnetic drain plug
Magnetic drain plug for oil tank
Finned rocker caps with o-ring seals
Bored and bushed decompressor pivot
Stainless cap head screws all round
Most parts from CCM Britain


All frame parts and swinging arm are double Powder coated with gloss black over a Zinc primer, for improved rust resistance
Progressive springs in front forks
New rear shock-absorbers 8ish years ago
New fork legs, bushes and seals 8ish years ago
2ls front brake plate from conical hub, shoes fitted to drum
Heavy duty front brake cable
New cables throughout 2 years ago
Stainless rims and spokes front and back
Stainless handlebars
New brake and clutch levers
Rewired by Ferret, incl the addition of indicators and indicator and charging lights in headlamp
Larger headlight than standard
Double horns, nice and loud!
Digital Pazon ignition to suit twin plug head
Later B44 oil tank with the shorter neck (so you don’t bash your thigh on it quite so much!)
New seat
Tanks and panels painted, new fuel cap, new oil cap with dipstick
New chrome grab rail
New guards with large washers & rubbers
Almost every fastener is stainless, apart from anything requiring one-off machining
Brake pull-rod/clevis etc are stainless
£6200 ONO 


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I remember towing a pal on a B40 in RAF livery after his zenor diode had cooked.

He screamed for the full 25 miles home.  

The old XS650 pulled like a train.  I took it steady, but he'd never been towed before.  He was white as a sheet by the time we stopped.  

The 44 was the best Brit single ever made IMHO.  Loads of torque and they rev like the bejesus if you have the guts to nail them.  A real riders bike.  Good luck with the sale.  

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