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Woody flew into Dads Window

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I had a horrible bird/glass experience yesterday.  Driving in my van at about 45mph on the main road into the village, a blue tit flew out of the hedge and collided with my windscreen 😔

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I couldn't have avoided it if I'd tried, the impact was the first I knew about it, then just the briefest flash of blue and yellow disappearing up the screen 😕

I take a small amount of comfort in the fact that for three consecutive years I provided a very safe and warm overnight roost for a blue tit.  The tit took the opportunity of using a wooden trap box I'd left tied to a tree, after the trap got pinched out of it.  I really needed to get the trap back in action to get on top of the rodents in one of my pens, but definitely did not have the heart to take the box away and make the little fella homeless.  I used to see the bird snuggled up in there when I was feeding after dark wearing my head-torch.  I'd just allow the edge of the light beam to scan over the access hole and I'd catch a glimpse.  I got too close and blinded the poor thing one night, it flew out the the tree branches in fright!  Sadly, part way through the last game season the blue tit suddenly was no longer there any more.

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On 20/04/2021 at 17:44, redial said:

The dust / powder is bloom which is responsible for pigeon lung. Which some pigeon fanciers contract.

All birds produce feather dust. Some varieties more than others. Its when the new feathers come through and the covering on the feather that protects it while it grows breaks down to release the new feather. You get a certain amount produced all year round, but even more when they are moulting. African greys and cockatoos are bad for it as are pigeons.

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