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You could line the back plate in lead .

That works to a degree .

But realistically those traps are little metal drums and far too noisy for garden use .

Your neighbours will hate you .

I use a wooden box with sand sloped up inside and lead sheet on the back plate .for when a pellet goes too high for the sand .

If you shoot a4 paper targets infront they make little noise when the pellet hits .


Another way to really deaden the impact sound is to use rags in the back of the box these slow the pellet down slowly and are quiet but obviously  they get shot out after a while and wet and nasty if left out side .

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5 minutes ago, jamesleee123 said:

Hi fellas, I've just got a pellet catcher for the garden, which is great but boy does it make a ping when hit. Any ideas what I could put in it to deaden the noise?


Get some off cuts of carpet & something along the lines of stixall or pink grip etc & that takes the noise away quite well.


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9 hours ago, jamesleee123 said:

I've got boxes filled with old magazines, sand and even old coats to use as back stops, I got a pellet catcher to move around positions easily. It's just too loud!

Try carpet cut to size if you have any off cuts, put it inside the target holder.

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where abouts in the country are you , I work for a conveyor company and could russle up some offcuts , do not use an air pistol or low powered rifle on rubber belt as the pellets come back to you at a fair lick ,Don't ask me how i know.

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