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Dave & I have blundered around all winter chasing pigeons through woods ,over fields of rape & under evaporating flightlines. Every week we load up the gear & set out to cover miles looking for our elusive quarry, sometimes spending most of the day in the vehicle  with a desperate drive to a roost wood for a dozen birds as a 'better than nothing ' option. Over the last month we have watched three different fields being drilled with beans only to find not a single bird interested. Last weekend yet another 35 acres of beans were drilled ; I watched these drillings for three days & saw one crow & one pigeon in that time. Having nothing to go at again today we decided to  cruise past just in case & what a surprise... Blue with them.

  We set up 150 metres apart ,both under oak trees that ran all the way up the field and was a natural flightline & needless to say both ran out of squibs by mid afternoon by which time it was not worth the journey home to re-stock. We are old codgers & were not expecting to find any number of pigeons to shoot ever again. You know how it is. Despite that we did very well & I think it will shoot again as there were plenty of beans still on the surface. But you all know what will happen then... too many cartridges probably.

  Crippling repeat journeys to the truck , six trips for me as Dave has a heart condition ( or so he says) & I couldn't face a trip to A&E after such a treat of a day. Picked up 198 after a circuit of the field with both dogs. Happy days.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-27 at 19.37.52 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-27 at 19.36.31.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-27 at 19.37.25.jpeg

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A great tale of what looks like a decent day out well done gents, as for taking to many cartridges next time.....it’s better to be looking at them than for them. I’ll look forward to seeing another report soon 👍🏻

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I'm so jealous, got up to go this morning and the weather put me off.

I only get a few hours on a Sunday morning till the horse walkers, dog riders and litter leavers arrive for mass trespass. 

So glad you managed to get some but that's pigeon for you.

Nice write up and pictures



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Great report along with an excellent bag of Pigeons , just goes to show you must never give up hope as the day will come when it's pay back time after all the running about and blank days , hope you boys have got many more good days to come :good:

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Good morning WalkedUp. We were shooting in Northeast Herefordshire & had a good view of the Malvern hills from that field. Farmer came & watched us with his new baby ( from his truck). I did tell him to go & get his gun as he has had little shooting this year, but he was too busy babysitting whilst his wife was out ( probably on her horse).

 A lot of the land around here has a red tinge to it & can be terracotta coloured after a shower of rain.

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