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All once fired, some will have been tumbled others won't have been.

20 Sako 243 cases

55 Hornady 243 cases

19 Hornady 243 cases PRIMED

17 Winchester 243 cases PRIMED 

25 Federal 270 cases

57 Sako 308 cases 

15 Sako 308 cases PRIMED

24 PPU 357 mag cases 

1 full unopened tub of IMR 4895

2 full unopened boxes of federal Large rifle primers.

No idea of value of the empties so let's say 50p a case but open to negotiations especially if you want the lot. Plus p&p.

£35 for the powder and £5/box for the primers.

The primed cases, primers and powder obviously can't be posted so are collection only. The primed cases will have been neck sized only.

Or £120 for the whole lot collected from near Shrewsbury.

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