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Anyone used cci cb or other makes of 22 ammo that are between 29gr 31gr to kill small vermin.  .I have to sort out some gray squirrels and will be taken them from bait stations. My old airsporter ain't up to the job  and won't give clean kills .I just think the less powerful 22lr ammo would be safer in this situation.

I could use the 410 but  as the foliage is starting to show on the trees  it's making the chance of a clean kill less likely.  

PS never had the chance to have a go at tree rats but jumped at this offer . will get me out  and help stop the cabin fever of nowt else.

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Ive tried the cb longs shooting at 29ft lb sniping at rabbits a good while back and they killed them cleanly no problem out to 30yds , never tried them any further than that as i had no need , but a very capable little round that will do the squirrels no bother at all 

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CB longs are ok at 25-30 yards, beyond that accuracy goes off. RWS Z Lang are more accurate and more powerful, but that might be a disadvantage in your situation. I’ve recently been using s&b .22 shorts, dirt cheap and does the job at those ranges. One other advantage of CB longs is that they’re so quiet using a moderator, that you only hear a click of the firing pin. If you choose CB longs, shoot a few groups at your intended range and condition your barrel to them, as they tend to improve in accuracy after twenty shots or so.

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