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Hi i have the Logun rifle mk1 .22  it had not been used for 6 years it still had air in it  i filled it to 200bar  and first shot was 5.56 ft1lb  it then started to slowly climb up to 11.5 ft1lb  when i checked it was down too a 100bar  put it back up too 200bar  and its back down to 5.56 ft1lb  anyone think this is because the rifle has not been used for 6 years

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Hello, more than likely seals as they go hard and brittle if a PCP is not used as you stated, it's always best to keep the air topped up and dry fire ever month, a service would sort that out, there's a chap on the UK airgun forum by the name of Logunator , he's the best on these hence the name, send a PM 👍

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