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(Urban?)Fox vs cows

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I'm not sure if this link will work or not but if anyone is a member of a certain countryside linked facebook group they may have seen this.

In case the link doesn't work, it is footage of a fox trying to take on a herd of cows and coming off a very poor 2nd best. The video was linked onto the group as a warning of why you don't go wandering off through fields of cows you don't know....Or let your dog off a lead near them.

From the footage my guess is this is not a very well fox at all, thing looked totally starved and/or likely a very young dumped urban fox that hadn't the foggiest clue what it was doing, but it certainly sealed it's fate when it takes a snap at one of the herd. Cows really don't take prisoners.

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I had a notion it was possibly an older video, while the video was just nature in action....some of the comments were hilarious, the fake countryside dwellers going on about how awful it was to film it and why did the camera person not scare the cows off or make a loud noise to warn the fox. Wonder what they make of Attenborough on their TV watching lions attacking giraffes and coming off 2nd best. Nature is cruel and people need to get used to it.

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