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Here we have my old faithful Deben MK1 Ferret Locators , I am having a clear out of my loft during lock down and came across these , I offered them to my grandson who just laughed as he has the Mk3 , One of them picks up his collars to about 5ft and seems fine ,and the other about 2/3ft, one has had a speaker replacement, what happened we were out rabbiting got soaked told the grandson to sit it near radiator but being a kid then he sat it on the radiator so the box developed a shape (see pic) but actually feels good in the hand,and the speaker got damaged this box is also very low volume , was always going to get someone to fit an earpiece or another speaker in it but as usual never got round to it , they have a lot of wear and tear outside as would be expected as a working tool , so one box working to 5ft and other 2/3ft but might need recalibrating etc so listing as parts with no returns please been as honest as I can with these , I am pretty sure I have more kit up there but old age catching up so memory not as good ,lol but will list them if I come across them if the grandson turns his nose up again lol  £100 posted for the pair 







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