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27 minutes ago, cookoff013 said:

Um not quite right. 

There are thousands of powders out there. Ones we cant buy. Some cartridge manufacturers make there own. Like maxam. Its a big group that have energeics production. In mainland europe certainly some powders are more common for loadings. Take gm3. Designed for high throughput loaders. 32g lead in 12gauge. Very common for economy comercial loadings. I managed to see a shipping manifest of powders coming into the country. It was part of some research i did on powders. And there was some good discoveries. Such as powders / powder alternate names. Also powders i havent heard before but have heard the parent name eg: "well known powder80" / "well known powder87"

The "well known" powder had single shipping names, single codes, description. 

Fair enough. Makes no difference to me really; like I said, it’s just what I was told. 🤷‍♂️

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