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Looking through Facebook ads I seen someone that can do laser engraving... so I contacted him and asked if he could do a side plate on my 525 laminate as its plane ... which he said yes now problem but only the flat bits ...... so now the question is what do I have on it ..... do I have a family personal picture or do I get a game scene ... what do you guys think 

I have the guys email if you want to contact him aswell seems very knowledgeable and will only need the parts that need engraving so wont need licence 





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Are you sure he won’t need a license? 
its a action not barrels 

lot depends on weather you are going to move the gun on in the future your own taste maybe not some one else’s 

best of luck with what ever you’re go with 👍

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41 minutes ago, WalkedUp said:

My vote would be to leave it plain, spend the money on some cartridges. But I hate tattoos and ornamentation so I am biased. 

I'm of the nothing at all OR fully "spammed up" mindset. I dislike part engraved guns be it 1/4 covered, 1/2 covered or 3/4 covered. I'm all or nothing. For the halfway house of a bit here and a bit there always in my eye looks as if you couldn't afford to have the job fully covered.

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If you ever intend to sell it and the engraving is either poor or not to the next buyers taste the gun will be next to worthless.

I would guess if an RFD would buy it from you, you'd get only a small percentage of its value in case of non onward sale.

As someone else has already said, either buy an engraved gun or spend the money on cartridges. 

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Your choice entirely, but as others have said, if your choice isn’t to the liking of others it’ll devalue ( or make entirely worthless ) your gun when the time comes to move it on, and as sure as eggs are eggs, that time will come. 

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I tend to keep things till they die, at some point, once I have made my fortune, I would love have to have a sidelock with a couple of views from home engraved. It will either be left to someone for whom it will also have meaning or be buried with me. 

If this is a keeper get something on it that will make you smile every time you see it. 

If you sell/exchange guns either the enjoyment value to you has to be worth whatever drop in value the gun takes, or it’s not worth doing. 

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33 minutes ago, reindeer said:

To me the plain action matches the laminated furniture on this gun to perfection. I think any added engraving would just disturb the clean and minimalistic image this gun presents.

The furniture is the trigger guard and top lever, not the woodwork.

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