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VPN - Virtual Private Networks

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Is it worth having a VPN ?
I have never had security issues on my PC and have always tried to have the best security systems.
I would like to watch overseas TV (mostly USA and Canada) which is not available via Pirates, Amazon, etc.

Is there much fiddling about when you open your browser to select VPN, or the  "normal" connection ?
Is having access to both an option ?
As saved login info on sites is based on recognising your IP, I assume that doesn't work if access is via VPN. 

Pros and cons please.

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Increased security from viruses, you can never maintain 100% for long as the internet moves fast but a VPN will make it *** good as you can get without spending a fortune

It will hide you and your uploads and downloads from geographical parameters 100%

Your ISP will know your streaming a movie for example but wouldn't know what the content was



The free ones will definitely keep dropping your connection

Speed will be roughly 60% down on free versions and 30% down on paid for

The ISP are extremely active on blocking live sports especially the Premiership football as SKY won a court ruling the ISP's 'could deduce' a customer was watching the premiership by habitual behaviour


You will be able to watch your overseas TV and across the pond programs are readily available, there is very little set-up involved and once you get the hang of your user panel then it's pretty simple to connect/disconnect and you can't have both connections on the same device if you add the VPN to your router, however, if you get the VPN device based then no problem with either unprotected/protected connections on different devices. Your correct-ish on your last point of login's but everything is doable at a price.




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VPNs are not the panacea that the advertising makes them out to be ,All they basically do is spoof your location. The security in most browsers is to the same level.

To use them you just open up the app then select the country you wish to be in an voila netflix etc works as if you are in the other country.

The BBC have spent a lot of time and effort the thwart VPNs from abroad .

You can select a different UK location  if you want still to access uk sites , as the vast majority of users have dynamic IP addresses websites just select your country not the user from the IP

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I know it's probably the least of your worries in terms of considerations but we have stopped validating registrations made using VPNs after a couple of scammers got through.  If we are doing it I suspect other similar sites may be doing so also.

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4 hours ago, Cranfield said:

Thanks for the responses and the PM's, there does seem a lot to consider>
Perhaps it would be easier to move to the USA or Canada.🙂

Is this an actual move or a virtual move. 🤷‍♀️

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