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Adjustable stock shotguns

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A friend and colleague of mine is left handed but he is currently shooting a right handed gun that he picked up second hand.

I am advising him to pick up a left handed gun as when we shot together recently he didn’t manage to hit that many. 

I think his gun was a bit too long anyway I have put a shorter butt pad on it for him for now but think he would be better off with a LH gun long term obviously.

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Lloyd you are probably quite correct.

Many, many years ago a friend of mine got divorced and treated himself to a Kemen. 

He travelled up north to buy it and the owner of the ground asked him to spend 10 minutes looking through the racks and to pick out 4 or 5 that he felt would fit him.

When the chap returned, Tony had picked out 5 right handed guns, he was asked to mount them and was quite surprised to be asked why he had picked R/H guns as he was a L/H shooter.

He had been using a R/H Beretta for years!

He purchased a L/H Kemen and had it fitted and shot it very well for several years.

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A friend at an air gun club took up clay shooting. When he wanted his own gun somebody sold him a left hooker. He brought his new gun to a club night and showed it around. He would not believe me that it was left handed. He contacted the vendor who insisted it was right handed. He learned to shoot well with it. It was another two years experience before he would admit that I was right.

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There’s more to bring a left handed gun than just being cast on at the face.  

For example I’m right handed and shoot guns set cast on at the face and cast off at toe.  Many will tell you that’s a left handed gun but it’s not in fact the toe will hurt most lefties more than a gun cast off through out. 

If he’s new which he sounds to be time spent with an instructor would be more beneficial IMHO so someone who knows the wider issues can help him set up a firm foundation early. Missing most clays on a round is unlikely just to be down to gun fit, I would expect to see and have to correct many more issues before gun fit become the primary concern. 

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