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Decoying starter set up


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Start slowly get bits as you go along , get a dozen half shell decoys that  will get you shooting tuck yourself into a hedge line or under a tree , keep movement to a minimum , next add a camo net you can get away without using poles , use branches or canes , poles obviously make it easier , don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need everything at once to get started , a lot of it is fieldcraft not gear I’ve had cracking days  when I’ve stood under a tree with half a dozen shell decoys and the birds were suicidal decoying in and  I’ve had days when I’ve had a hide up , magnets , floaters , decoys and hardly fired a  shot ! 

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On 07/04/2021 at 17:47, Barrsey said:

Looking for a set up , hide with poles and decoys that Dosent cost the earth 


Keep an eye on the After Sales section on the forum  , people are coming in and leaving the sport on a daily basis and some hardly used gear can be bought for a sensible price , failing that have a look when the next sporting auction is in your area , again you can pick up what you want and much more besides like guns and cartridges at a price you are willing to pay , by buying from auction you can normally get close on your money back ( bar fees ) when or if you decide this Pigeon lark is not really for you and you stick it back where it originally came from .

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