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Southwaite and Crabtree

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Right, will try again! Double posted, tried to delete one but obviously deleted both! It’s a gift I have. 🙂

It was great to get out last BH Monday, up to Southwaite and to see a few folk we hadn’t seen for some time. 
Bitterly bitterly cold wind, but the sun was shining. 
We were amongst the first there and started at the far end to avoid a queue. First couple of stands were plagued with faults, which isn’t really a problem, but it can destroy your rhythm, but it happens so we just got on with it as neither of us were going to win anything anyhow. 
Matty has put a lot of work in and I much prefer this layout where most of the stands are over the gulley so you’re not shooting into the sun. 
Mate missed the crippled rabbit twice on the trot which cracked us up, his hat constantly blowing off didn’t help, and neither of us shot well. Despite straighting a couple of stands I didn’t expect to, and missing a lot of targets I don’t expect to, I finished on a poor 59. Three people tied for first with 86, which is quite a bit below par, so perhaps rusty technique and weather played its part. 
We had intended to go round again but mates fingers were numb so we called it a day. 
I like this ground and as it’s less than an hour from us we’ll be going regularly as we did before lockdown. All it needs is a burger van. 🙂
We called in at Crabtree yesterday, to see some more familiar faces and even more changes, such as permanent flushing toilets in hard standing, which is great, especially for women whom I know don’t care much for portaloos, understandably. 
I much prefer the new layout, left across the beck rather than wandering about the field, and now they’ve added a good permanent path it’s grand. Was pleased to find the grouse butt still in place at the top. This is a fabulous stand which always gets me buzzing! I killed five of the six out of the twice i shot it with my Benelli, missing the far looper both times, so had a go with mates Beretta 1301 Pro Comp. Loaded six and off we went....and missed the same looper again! So had another six, and did the same. I just couldn’t find that bird at all, but great great fun! I thought my Benelli was smooth but the Beretta is simply in another league; super super smooth and just exquisite to shoot. It handles so well it’s like it’s just an extension of you. Marvellous! 
Anyhow, mate swapped his auto for an OU, and I mine for a pump, and off we went to the lower field for the stands there. 
Had a great day, got through 300 cartridges between us and  came away with huge smiles, and that’s what it’s all about. 
Good to see the welcome addition of airgun stands. 👍

The steak pies are good too, but unfortunately haven’t been able to get that Beretta out of my mind. 🤔

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