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Is Flowering OSR Still Attractive?

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Hi guys, I have very limited shooting options, and one of them is over a field of now flowering OSR - is this still attactive to the pigeons, or will they lose interest now?  I would drive up and have a look but it is about 45 mins away, which can be quite hit and miss.  

Thanks in advance!

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Absolutely yes, check for thinned out patches where you could get some decoys in, also along the field margins and down the tram lines, look for flight lines entering the area and birds dropping into the thin patches, I made up a jacket from a yellow vest from the car sprayed with patches of green, then I could stand ( or sit ) in the tram lines to wait for a shot. try to drop birds accurately into places you can find them unless you have a good dog. When its at full height look for any sitting trees or power lines over the crop, I use my air rifle for these sitting out in the crop and popping them if they come in range, best of luck 👍

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