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When I get called out early on a Monday morning (the most common time the police are short on resources) it is usually to a mangled car and to dispatch an injured animal.

This morning the call was to a deer trapped in a gate, screaming its head off with half the road watching and the house owner wanting the deer released.

Can I sedate her? Was the first question 

Not in the way you mean. Was the reply, the humour somewhat lost.

A blanket over the munty doe calmed her and everyone else down and stopped the noise. Then the house owner agreed that cutting the gate was the only real option so lent me a hacksaw and a simple cut, bend and rear feet lifted through and she was off.

Sometimes Chinese honeycomb steel is an advantage as bending the bar back was not difficult.

Anyone that thinks that the usually quoted 5 foot fencing for muntjac is adequate should note that she popped over a 6 foot panel with no bother.

Chances of sleep tonight are slim, going to be a long day tomorrow.

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