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Chassie paint

snow white

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Hi lads as anybody used POR15 gloss black rust preventive paint I am thinking of doing the Chassie on my Nissan navara I have been 

under it today and checked the chassie  it’s sound I have kept it protected with waxoil inside and out.

but the only trouble with waxoil it holds the mud so thinking of getting it of and using the above paint so if somebody as used it could you please give me your views.

                  Thanks for looking tony

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8 hours ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, I would just put some more waxoil on as it will be difficult to paint unless all the waxoil is off, I use to do my motors back in the good old days with a mix of oil and diesel and a garden sprayer, 

Hello, a steam cleaner would get most waxoil off, then just paint over when dry, 

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Yes, it is amazing.  You can get marine clean for cheaper and it’s the same stuff. The por15 sells rep told me they use the same recipe on both but with different labels on the can.  The US navy paints their anchor chains with it.  

Edit: After looking it up por15 has discontinued marine clean and is using that brand name to sell degreaser.  Years ago it was literally Por15 in a can at 75% the cost of por15. 

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