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Looks like a Miroku 800S Skeet as it has a silver finish and beaver tail forend. If the rib is about 12mm wide then it’s a 800SW ( W for wide rib) All the Miroku 800 series were very popular in the 70’s as they were very good guns and a good copy of the Browning B25 Belgium hand finished guns , but at fraction of the cost. And the rest is as they say history, Browning bought the business. 

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Thanks for all the replies chaps. I used to have a 800 HSW many years ago, wish I still had it, 

I just saw this in the gun shop yesterday on the counter as some lady’s husband had just passed away and brought his gun in to be sold, most looked like old scrap, offered him the ticket price of £100 and bought it. It was just for use on the pigeons really so condition was not my main concern, iv given it a good clean now. Looks to be pretty decent wood to be fair, or it will be when I strip it and re oil it, and get the dents out and probably put a new pad on it, it’s a 12mm rib. Iv enclosed a few pictures. Many thanks. 






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