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MK4 Hills PCP pump

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Noted a few threads on pumps so thought I would chime in on this, as I have just got the base model (without the dry air pack), firstly its well made and pumping a 490cc bottle is very easy compared to my old Webley pump it has a bit more bulk than some as the foot plate is fixed and the kit offers no hose connector so best have one that fits your gun, its very solid and nice to use and stays cooler than my old pump in use as it seems to be more efficient, only gripes is no connectors offered in the kit and a dust filtering foam band or the like for the intake ports would be nice, but overall very good and worth is price.

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48 minutes ago, scarecrow243 said:

Hi i have a hills mk4 pump and the base does come of it comes as a kit i got the 1 with the filter  if you look on hills website you will see the instructions for all their pumps

I know they come apart as you have to put it together from the kit 😁, but it means you have to remove the handle then everything above the base plate to compact it, other options have flip down feet so maybe I should of put it, other pumps are more easily packed away rather than just saying it has bulk.

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Probably no help but this s the pump I've been using for close on a couple of years now. It's a non described Chinese manufactured item, purchased off-line for very little money. It can with some moisture filters and a complete rebuild kit if required. 

Now before anybody starts, here's the thing. It just works. I'll admit it doesn't carry a posh name of any description, I'm sure the gauge could be of better quality, I'm sure of a lot of things. Like I said it functions like it should. 

Of course it takes effort to use, sure they all do irrespective of cost. I'm old and even I can do it. 👍


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