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Dog mattresses

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Hi fellas any advice on a decent dog mattress, I've just looked at kennelnate but with postage for 2 beds it's £295, 35 quid of that is the postage. I thought it was a bei steep.

Thanks for any advice

Just now, jamesleee123 said:



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42 minutes ago, jamesleee123 said:

but one chew or vigorous scratch and the kitchen us full of polystyrene balls. I need something comfy and tough.

I bought a Tuffie, supposedly the best/toughest you could buy. £90 I think it was.

Lasted about a week.

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2 hours ago, clangerman said:

all my dogs have had a old quilt in their basket to sleep on easy to chuck a quilt in the washing machine and cheap 

I use old quilts for mine too. Easy to wash as you say. I have a selection of cotton covers. I change the covers weekly and wash the quilts when they need it.

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He looks very comfortable.



My two are well padded but there is no fluff etc to smell. It wipes down clean when I can be fussed to do so. In this house it doesn’t quite fit the alcove created for the dogs. 

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On 17/04/2021 at 18:16, Dave at kelton said:

Not sure what you want a mattress for but I would be looking at stable matting cut to size. About £50 a mat.

I use these aswell, but word of warning if they chew, they could very easily choke on them.

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