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Beans Beans & Beans.

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So yesterday I checked out my latest drillings, not a bird to be seen on any. Popped in to see a farm that I had not shot for 2 years as the farmer had several other shooters, and has been very ill with cancer so didn't want to bother him. To get to this farm you have to go a mile down the most rutted track in the world that's always half blocked with flooded holes that are very deep. Well as I drew near the farm house the field on my right side erupted with pigeons the sky was just full of birds mulling around and dropping straight back in, what a site not seen that many birds in this area for ages. Anyway as I was getting out of my vehicle Bruce the farmer came out the front door to meet me, his first words "am I pleased to see you; Turns out most of his shooters have stopped going for various reasons and he had lost my phone number. After a short natter to catch up and get the good news that he was getting much better, turns out that he has just drilled 3 large fields of beans and today is drilling wheat in another. His final words FILL YORE BOOTS BOY! 

           So set up with 2 flappers and 14 dead birds on cradles on a hedge between 2 fields at the top of a hill, by now it was 2pm and probably missed the best of it. I had a steady stream of birds flying over in groups of 8 to 15 that were high and very few decoyed but did manage to drop a few of the tail enders, took the flappers in as it seemed that that was putting them off, and put a floater out and 2 lofted in the short tree to my left. This worked much better and birds began to decoy much better, I finally ran out of cartridges at 4.15 having shot 100, and picked up 68 birds. after packing up as I was leaving another old shooter met me he was doing a recky after shooting a field of peas on another farm some miles away, we had not met up in the last 2 years so another catch up chat and exchange of phone numbers. today I have a dental appointment (not looking forward to that!) so cannot shoot we arranged to revisit on Thursday for another go at the grey hoards that seemed to come from no where. Stopped of at the house on the way home and reported to Bruce the good news.  Ho happy days ahead I hope.  😁😁

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A quality bag Alan with a very good 2 / 3 pick up for 100 shells . 

One thing I noticed you were saying that the pigeon shooters the farm had no longer turn up , this should be good news for the members who are finding it hard to find pigeon shooting , if they find where pigeons are feeding , make a note of the crop and seek the owner out , never take it for granted that someone else have got the shooting , in most cases they have but you will get the odd one where the ex shooter no longer shoot , old codgers like myself can't go on for ever and when our time is up I don't think we will be in the position to ring famer x up to tell him I can't no longer keep an eye on your crops as I have just recently passed away :lol:

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22 hours ago, JDog said:

Well deserved after your early starts in the winter.

68/100. Are you George Digweed?

Ha Ha no more like Alan Missalot as in previous posts, but on this very good day everything was just right I even had 2 for 1 twice! never done that before. on it again today but got back pain from carrying the pigeons back so need to get to a spot I can drive to.

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