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Marinated lamb.


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I have one leg of lamb left produced by one of our illustrious Mods.  I saw a marinade which looked good, so I boned out the leg and it is at presnt residing in a deep dish turned twice a day in the mixture.

all measurements are approx as I tend to guess everyhting as it saves washing up.

about 4 teaspoons of runny honey

4 tsps Cummin powder

2 table spoons of balsamic vinegar

Chop up some fresh mint fairly fine .... now this time I was short of fresh mint and added some mint sauce as well with the one sprig of fresh leaves.(about half a cup of chopped leaves)

Black pepper and salt

4 good tsps of whole grain mustard

Add about a half cup of veg oil and give it a good mix.

Do all this in the bottom of a large enough bowl to take the boned leg.  Lay the meat in and give it a good coating, turning it over and over, then I have just turned it a couple of times a day and it will rest in the fridge with a cover on until Sunday lunch.  I will string it up so it will slice nicely.

Photos and report Sunday night

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Of course, forgot the picture but y'alll will be familiar with a roasted lamb joint.  The main thing was, both our neighbour who was a guest for lunch and my wife woofed every bit on their plates with extras.  It was delicious and has prompted me to try the same on a haunch of muntie.  The gold star was that the remaining  meat was sliced cold the next day and was even better than when served hot..

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My secret weapon for all roasts, particularly venison, as it retains lots of moisture in the meat and also seems to help marinaded joints. Lid off at the end for a really crispy finish if preferred but high heat at the start and then long and slow works for me. Pork with crackling excepted.

Possibly the one time when thin honeycomb steel from China works to your advantage.


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Try this


Serve with a salad, the dressing being half a glass of olive oil, some of the same seasoning as above and half a glass mango chutney. Stored and poured over. 

Cut the meat into chunks and use pitta bread to make little kebabs. 

Takes the fatty taste of the lamb (puts wife off) and is delicious. 

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