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I've had the Michelin CC on 2 vehicles and the Goodyears on 1 vehicle. I much preferred the drive on the Goodyears but both performed very well in all weather conditions.

My main concern on the Michelins was the audible drone above 50mph on some road surfaces. 

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I had four Bridgestone weather control A005 Evo fitted 4 months ago and so far have been very pleased with them, snow this winter very good, muddy fields very good, wet driving/braking excellent, good road manners in the dry, vehicle Jeep Renegade 2.0tdi 4x4, driving style spirited.

Cheapest place I could find was, believe it or not...Asda Tyres.

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If your vehicle doesn't do many road miles and you want tyres you can rely on in the mud, whack a set of Insa Turbo Dakars on it.  Aggressive as hell and will literally pull you through the sticky stuff like a paddle steamer.  They're awesome in the snow too.  I've loved the set I've had on my Vitara for the last 5 years or so.  They whine like hell on the road and are nigh on impossible to balance so not ideal if you do lots of road miles, especially faster speeds on open roads.

I can't see the point of 50/50 or 80/20 type of things, either use a normal road tyre or go the whole hog!

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I had falken as210 on mine and now a contential (cross contact uhp I think) both coped with snow well, up steep inclines other cars were stuck on without issue. Standing water no issue and have travelled across muddy fields etc etc. Not got stuck yet. 

Wife has verdstein on hers and they are amazing. I took it to 45mph and slammed the brakes on. The ground was frozen compacted snow and ice 3 inch thick. The car stopped effortlessly and under control. The same stretch 30 mins before with normal summer tyres tyres resulted in an amusing few moments. 

All of the above are fine in warm weather. 

Wouldn't be without all season These days.

Tyrereviews.co.uk or. Com is helpful.  

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