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Best - grind to fit Shotgun Recoil Pad ?

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21 hours ago, Shotkam said:

I cant decide if concave or convex is the best for me. Anyone got a view on this? Some say concave the toe of the butt can snag on clothing.

Isis are mildly concave but it depends on your physique. I found that the standard concave CG pad would leave a little red nip mark on my chest where the toe sat. But after I got back into shape 18 months ago, it completely stopped happening, so your pecs definitely make a difference. In my experience snagging is due to other factors than concave profile. If the pad isn't slick enough it will catch on clothing whatever profile it has.

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4 hours ago, welshwarrior said:

Pachmayer are easier to fit but ISIS are better at recoil reduction lighter.  

ISIS is sort of like next gen technology compared to old school Kickeez and Pachmayer.  

I’ve replaced my Pachmayer and Kickeez with ISIS now shoot 32g 6 or 5s most of the time on game/pigeons etc. 

Next gen technology - I think you may have hit the nail on the head with that observation - thanks.

I will go for the Isis green and report back when fitted and field tested.

I'll post a couple of images for those interested.

Thanks for all your comments those who posted. 😀

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