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RAV4 fuel filler neck replacement

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Any mechanics on here with any words of wisdom?
My old RAV4 developed a diesel leak last summer - the filler pipe is corroded which appears to be a common issue. Since it was hardly being used I made a temporary bodge with metal putty which has held until this week - I think driving over hard fields has vibrated it or the corrosion is getting worse.
Toyota part is stupid money at £250 ish but I can get a pattern part off eBay for £50.
I’ve just got the wheel off and the wheel arch liner and access seems pretty easy other than one jubilee clip at the bottom which may be a little bit of a pig to get to.
Has anyone changed a fuel filler neck on a Rav? Clearly it won’t be as simple as it appears. I believe from reading online the fuel tank has a flap valve so there should be minimal fuel leakage when I take the pipework off. I am just hoping my metal putty bodge from last year doesn’t make the removal too much more difficult.
Any guidance from the experienced mechanics much appreciated, I have an engineering degree but 0s and 1s don’t leak diesel or corrode so always learning





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10 hours ago, ph5172 said:

You can get a repair bandage. Put it in water and it goes pliable. 
dries solid. 

or jb weld products?

That’s very similar to my temporary bodge - from researching the neck fails with pin holes along its length so I’m going to replace it. 

Part arrived yesterday, appears to match but have not removed original yet. 

it looks suspiciously straightforward - three bolts and two jubilee clips so it’ll probably take all weekend. 

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It doesn’t take 15 min....

Did it yesterday, fairly straightforward, main time consuming thing was taking wheel off and back on as I was working with only a scissor jack hitch I don’t trust so when had to access underneath I put the wheel back on plus none of the brackets on the replacement part were in the right place so lots of fitting, adjustment and refitting. A straightforward job, not difficult but still took almost three hours. 

Done now and more diesel dripping...the old filler neck was like a sieve. 

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