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If there’s no witnesses to the incident, I don’t think it’s likely that anyone will be brought to justice. Unfortunately, the best that you can probably hope for is that it was a one off incident, still no excuse for that sort of behaviour of course. It sickens me when I read about people doing such things.

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Thanks again for taking time to help with this.

we’ve been posting leaflets and talking to people in the local area today, a cat got shot with a .22 air rifle 1 year and 1 day ago from when our poor pooch was shot, a bit of a coincidence...

we’ve also got our CCTV password restored and found the shooting happened within a 20 minute period, so I know where she was at the time, very close the the racist flag man.

we’ve also got the police coming to see us on Wednesday, I know they can’t really do much, but it’s a good show I suppose.


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