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Canada goose eggs

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58 minutes ago, shawn9914 said:

Hi all

Does the general licence 41 entitle our fishing club to remove the eggs of Canada goose this time of year to keep their numbers under control


GL42 Covers this, yes you can take eggs  or destroy the nest of Canada Geese (see table 1,of GL42 ).....usually by Landowner, or with permission of.

Make sure they are not Grey Lag.

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On 30/04/2021 at 13:07, Lloyd90 said:

Can oil the eggs so they don’t hatch. 

Some of the biggest ‘conservation’ trusts do just that, although don’t advertise it as they say it’s cruel to control the numbers by shooting 👀

Bit late now to oil. And if the OP takes the eggs they may end up with pet geese 

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4 hours ago, Robden said:

Can you not eat the eggs then?

Yes you can - but which ones are freshly laid? You could mark a dummy egg and keep taking the additional ones, but with too much disturbance she’ll clear off. 

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3 hours ago, scolopax said:

Blooming fishermen wanting everything killing just so there buzzers do not get tripped.  

most commercial fisheries are mysteriously devoid of water birds.  Many arrive, few leave. 

Not quite. Canada’s are on the GLs as they are an invasive species - which competitively exclude native wildfowl. They’re very aggressive. For example, a small lake near me, with lovely mixed nesting habitat and islands etc, has just one pair of canadas on it. If it was my lake……??!!

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