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Getting someone to button for you

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Hi all,

I wondering what the etiquette is or the best way to approach asking people to button for you is?

I have one arm so shooting solo is always going to be a challenge (I'm still waiting for my certificate to drop too!). Right now I have regular lessons at mickley hall in Nantwich but I would like to visit other places around Manchester/Cheshire.

I have a friend I can shoot with but he can only shoot at weekends and I prefer to go midweek to avoid crowds as I can be slow and don't like causing inconvenience to people.


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Some places have timer delays on the stands so you can shoot solo. Otherwise ask when you’re booking in and they’ll probably put you in with a friendly squad. Most people will be happy to button for you at each stand but probably easier and more enjoyable to go round in a group

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I often find if shooting alone people just offer to button for me. If there's a queue I always accept.

If it's not busy, I button myself or use the delays. 

Sometimes it's just nice to be alone and shoot, no pressure and stay on the stand experimenting with different stance, differant ways of taking the clays, or just till you you can actually hit them🙄

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On 30/04/2021 at 17:08, Batler said:

I would like to visit other places around Manchester/Cheshire

Some grounds (like Sporting Targets Bedfordshire) have a mixture of buttons to press and audio (e.g. saying "pull" will triger the clay)

Obviously depends what you want to shoot and if grounds local to you have that capability but might be worth a call to ask

Otherwise just a polite excuse me as others have said


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