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HW44 anyone own one?

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I’m thinking of picking a HW44 up for some garden plinking when the inevitable winter lockdown happens. I handled one the other day and really liked the feel. Does anyone own one? Are they any good? Apart from a Wembley tempest when I was a kid I have zero knowledge/ experience.


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2 hours ago, wymberley said:

Admire your style. :good: I just flirted with one of these for roughly the same reason - just long enough to read the first of the three figures after the '£'

Yes, I did have a sharp intake of breath when I saw the price but...the money I spend on clays (which was zero in lockdown) would pay for one in a couple of months. I have realised that I have quite a sum tied up in redundant shotguns which I can’t use if we are locked up again and I was bored out of my mind during the last one, just fancy a new challenge that I can do at home regardless of the current situation in the country.

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