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A friend of mine has an elderly relative who possesses multiple shotguns of high sentimental value which he wishes to remain in the family but my friend owns no licence.

When the time comes to take possession what would be required, sec 7?

Secondly regarding deactivation ..... I know the rules changed recently, what is required for deactivation now?

Told him it might be easier just to get a ticket and acquire them as functioning guns.



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As above.

If side by side shotguns the cost of the work (yes an individual could do it themselves) if you haven't the tools plus the cost of the actual Proof House de-act paperwork will be at the rates charged by the people that do this work at least £100 per gun. 

I bought an old Belgian side-by-side BLE with a cracked through repaired stock to use as a donor for spares for an identical working gun (same make and model) with the though of then de-activating what was left and selling it. As what I want as spares...springs..tumblers and etc. is what actually now gets scrapped as the de-cativation process.

Ouch! The cost of the de-activation to have it then done plus the certificate was eye watering. On a side by side it is this list below:

1) Drill breech faces so they cannot support a cartridge head to a minimum depth of XXX.

2) Slot barrel at least YYY width of original chambering for the length of the barrel covered by the forend.

3) Weld steel plugs into the chambers or at least ZZZ length.

4) Slot the chambers either side of the lump (most folk in fact just continue back that full length cut as at 2) to achieve this.

5) Remove various components of the internal mechanism.

6) Weld any remaining "hole" that a firing pin could pass through solid.

7) Weld the triggers solid to the trigger plate.

8) Weld the forend iron to the barrel loop so that the forend cannot now be detached and the weapon "broken down".

The cost of course isn't now just the work of the drilling, cutting and welding it also is the work of effectively having to disassemble the action of the weapon and reassemble it. The "old spec" most of the work could be done with the action of the weapon still entire.

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