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Any Ford Ranger owners on here ?

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25 minutes ago, crossy 666 said:

Any one else on here own a ford ranger and mess with it on here. I currently have a new shape ranger and enjoy modding it when I get spare time and was just interested to see if any else on here messed with theirs ?

Dude Adam told me yours is a beast . I need pictures. 

20 minutes ago, Dougy said:

I've got some furry dice if you want

And a chrome exhaust tip 🤣

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I’ve a ranger wildtrack in orange not done much to it really, 

switched to the black wildtrack x wheels with bfg ko2’s 

black city bar

upgraded all front lights to led’s 

soon to have Bonnet stone deflector and window wind deflectors fitted (once the weather warms up) 


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17 hours ago, billytheghillie said:

I have a packet of go faster stripes if there are any good to you.



I am laughing because a GLE forum i am on a chap has a GLE 63 and couldn’t understand why I laughed when he had it so it "popped and ******" as though the ignition timing was out. He thought that it was cool 😎

Edited to say sorry I didn't realise it was a restricted word. 

Edited by harrycatcat1
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