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I would say it is a little early to shoot young Rooks , more so this year with it being so cold with the strong Easterly winds , when I used to shoot them many years ago it was always around the 12th of May and it would only last a week before it was all over for another year , now I get more enjoyment watching them growing up than I do shooting them , needless to say I haven't shot them for a good many years .

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Yep, middle of May was about right.  Had a farmer friend who used to arrange a couple of afternoons each year and then his wife would make rook pie and invite us all to a sit down meal.  Personally they where tasteless and not worth the trouble but we always said "Many thanks, delicious." as gentlemen should do.

Now I would rather wait till they are flying and stupid and just wanted to get at that laid corn.

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Too early up here. This one had fallen out of its nest in the storm last night. I would not bother to shoot branchers as like Walker570 I prefer to take them on the wing. 


But for some people / areas rooks are more of a pest and so their numbers need to be controlled as efficiently as possible rather than just reduced when causing a problem. 

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We were up on our syndicate last Sunday they had left the nest sight but  in big groups there were 1 or 2 not so confident and they were hanging around those farmer asked for them to be shot to protect lambs we got 6 and 3squizers 

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