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WARNING - Photobucket - Big Improvements "new plan"

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I recently got an invoice from Photobucket for my renewal. My annual charge had gone from something like $9.99 to (wait for it) $84 - *** !

I hadn't seen any change of terms or anything so went back to Photobucket support asking what was going on.

Support told me exactly a month before they took my payment they sent an inconspicuous email entitled "Big improvements and member account updates"

In that email it said (in the very last line of blurb you'd have stopped reading all the other rubbish) "we have discounted our retail price of this plan by 50% You will only pay $35.94" so they never actually stated they intended to charge me close to $100 going forward.


This obviously confused me somewhat as they had actually charged me $84. I went back to support and didnt get a reply so i went back again and they said we are waiting for me to give them permission to refund the difference (between what they had said and what they had charged. They obviously thought I'd know that as they hadn't replied to my email.

I am really not happy about their transparency and more to the point the way their support team seem to avoid actually responding to the question and when they do they seem to have a very high handed and arrogant approach of they havent done anything wrong.

I'd just like to make anyone else that has bothered to subscribe to photobucket to "avoid" the ads (I still see ads even when paying $84) anyway Buyer Beware!!

I would suggest anyone thats not on the free plan that uses Photobucket start moving their data somewhere else.



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Just now, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Not used PB since the started ********* about.

No need these days!

Indeed - just warning anyone that subscribed - I subscribed years ago (I think it was $3) and havent used it at all since 2017 - they still charge you. When you don't care if you pay less than $10 a year then they suddenly hit you with $84 - a bit steep me thinks !

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Its a pain in the rear having to try and upload images from peoples posts that used Phot bucket, thankfully not many use it now. I have not used it for years now, i dont like having other people/ company's holding onto anything of mine and having to pay for the privilege. 

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Never found the need to use anything like “Photobucket” I just use an online photo editor and resize, save as jpeg and then upload to any website I may wish to post a picture on, simples.

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I do all my photo resizing in windows 10, just right click on the photo, select resize, change photo size to pixels, reduce by a substantial  amount and click save, it will replace the original photo in your file and it should be small enough now to upload to any online platform, easy 😁

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