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Anyone willing to fill out a questionnaire for my university project please?

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Hi all,

I'm currently doing a university project on bird of prey persecution and would be very grateful is you could help by filling in my questionnaires and reading a short piece of text that I have prepared.

For some background info - I live in the North York Moors alongside many gamekeeping and farming families and, being an Environmental Science major, I have noticed that these communities are often villianized in the media when the topic of bird of prey/raptor persecution is discussed. Therefore, my project aims to highlight the genuine thoughts that the gamekeeping and farming communities hold regarding raptor persecution. Whether they are for or against such activities will not be judged (especially as all questionnaire responses are anonymous), this is personal opinion and one that I am sure is valid given the experiences that you have encountered on your land.

If you get the opportunity, I would really appreciate if you could:

1. Fill out Questionnaire #1 as honestly as possible.
2. Read the following piece of text that I have prepared.
3. Fill out Questionnaire #2 as honestly as possible. Only answer the question if your answer has changed in any way from your previous response after reading the aforementioned text.

**As a word of warning - both questionnaires hold the same questions. This is intentional and will help me gather the information necessary.**


Thank you very much and if you find any errors within the links, please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to fix these ASAP.


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