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Sprocker and road kill the more maggots the better

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So my pip ( insert your own expletive here ) ! She’s 18 months and loves to please. Happiest as all spaniel are nose down bum up !

sneaked of work early so up onto local crags for some training. Dummy and tennis ball. Hunting ok on command where I  point ok.  recall not perfect but not doing too bad ! Dummy retrieve 6 times no chewing and messing about ( not delivered to hand ) but sat as instructed and let go on dead command. Same with tennis ball. So all in all a good afternoon feeling pleased and positive!

The flattened Mankey magot ridden  pigeon road kill she snaffled up. Nope I’ll embarrass dad in front of everybody and refuse to give on command (even for a biscuit/tennis ball ) just gave me that look that says ‘I know what you want me to do’ but I really really want to walk around with this and show off.

I wouldn’t mind but the live pheasant she cornered without me realising two weeks before was hardly marked as she brought it back sat and let go after a bit of a repeat of the dead command !

sorry just having a dog owners ‘vent’ love her to bits and usually a slight growl from me she realises I am not playing and will comply with dead command  maybe we are hitting the teenager phase. Back to dummy training tomorrow.

regards Agriv8 

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Sounds to me like your on the right road. 

My springer is 6 this summer .

And yes they defiantly go through the test the boundarys stage around 2 years old .

Show who is the boss .

But then give loads of praise and lots of trust . 

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