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I'll admit from the off this is not a big problem when to take into account the state of the World today, however I was just wondering how long does it normally take for small items to be dispatched? Had an email telling me my payment was received. 

Not panic, just asking. Thank you. 

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1 minute ago, Rockhamster said:

Only ordered a car sticker last week. Had confirmation that payment was sorted. Been a few days so just wondering? Like I said, not a big problem.  

It's hard to give an exact answer , but , it could just be as simple as last Mondays bank holiday that's holding things up , or , if the company make their own stickers , they're in the waiting to be made queue ,or , your sticker could just be on a slow boat from china.

It is pretty annoying when companies don't stick to their advertised delivery date 👍.

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If, as I suspect, you are referring the PW shop, the person that operates this is a sheep farmer and therefore a little busy at this time of year and not able to get to the post daily.   It will come, never fear.

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Posted (edited)

Where is the merch section?

I see the PW shop bit but only to manage orders etc.


Edit - found it.

I'll possibly have the first Fiesta ST with a Motorhead sticker and a PW sticker in the window.

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