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Tailored or Semi-Fit Seat Covers

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Can anyone comment from experience on whether it's worth paying more for "tailored" fit seat covers that are cut for an exact fit for the particular model, over -semi-fit covers which seem to be produced on more generic dimensions to fit a number of models? 

The tailored seem to be double the price, but prepared to pay it if worth it. Would also appreciate some recommendations for manufacturers as seem to be a few about, a lot UK based which is good. 

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I bought cheap for my Range Rover, got cheap, about £30 for pair. Drivers seat lasted less than one day. Passeger seat lasted till it was sat in.

Now if muddy I just wash the leather down🙄


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Cheers folks. I've gone with turtle covers for the front seats for now

 They've a no quibble return policy, so if not impressed can always send them back. 

Struggling to find a decent rear cover. Rhino an option, but not heard good things

 Has anyone bought rhino products recently, any comments? 

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1 hour ago, chilly1981 said:

You should also be looking if there compatible with seat air bags if you have them. 

Cheers. Yes, they're air bag specific the ones I've bought. 

Anyone any experience of titan covers? 

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