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Cocker spaniel training

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I’ve used Joe Irving’s Training Spaniels for my cocker and it’s been really good. It feels like you are going quite slow at the beginning but stick with it as I think this does pay dividends. 

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21 hours ago, Jody said:

Go on to https://www.paulfrenchvideo.com/

loads of great cocker training dvds on there. 


Lot of **** out there, seems to have been made for the sake of selling DVD's rather than training dogs.


Dave Lissett's DVD's are decent, but at points you will have to go to a trainer to match what he does, as he used his rabbit pen, and then also has access to walked up bird shooting. 


Get in with a good pro trainer for a lesson I would. 

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1 hour ago, spandit said:

Labradors are born half trained.

Cockers die half trained.


The two cockers I have had both trained easily. 
I currently have a Labrador bitch which has been a challenge for 4 1/2 years! 
My previous 43 years of labradors all trained easily.

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