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Ed Lyons Total Workout Sports Vision Kit


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For Sale - still boxed and unused. These cost £79 new from Ed's website but I will take £65 posted. I have heard good things about these kits as our eyesight is something we often take for granted amongst all the gadgets and kit we buy for our guns.

The below is from Ed's website (https://www.ed-lyons.com/product/sports-vision-kit-3-total-workout/) and explains it more clearly than I can: 

"Sports Vision Kit 3 – Total Workout contains:

  1. Brock String – a vital training tool for the two-eyed shooter. The Brock String can assist the user to develop better coordination of their eyes and ensure both are pointing in the same position in space, at the same time. An excellent tool for eye muscle, depth perception and anti-suppression training, the Brock String may also help some shooters overcome certain types of Eye Dominance problems.
  2. Fusion Cards – can help to develop enhanced depth perception and spatial awareness by training Convergence (inward eye movements) and Divergence (outward eye movements) with no suppression of either eye.
  3. Hart Charts – help to train our accommodative system, which is the ability to change focus from distance to near. Specifically, Hart Charts help to improve accommodative facility – the ability to increase and decrease our focusing on demand. some people focus too much and cannot relax; other focus too little and experience blurry vision for close tasks. Our near focussing system begins to lose efficiency in our mid-40’s but the Hart Chart can also be used to train eye movements called Saccades. Saccades are rapid, ballistic movements of the eyes that abruptly change the point of fixation. They range in amplitude from the small movements made while reading, for example, to the much larger movements made while acquiring and locking onto a target.

Each exercise has its own instruction manual and a QR code which will take you to a private video demonstration."


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