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I bought a plastic 2 lt bottle of milk and put it on the rear footwell of the wife's car on getting home I noticed it was leaking, ,  ,I mopped up and scrubbed the best I could but now it stinks, anyone know the best way to get rid of the smell, tried steam cleaning but not worked,,  Jim.

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This is one of the few products that will prevent what will be inevitable. Unavailable on the link but have a search for it and let me know if you cant find any :good:

Just to add why its a good product. 

This will destroy the bacteria that create the stench of sour milk that will returns as it get moist or damp. One of the worst thing you could have spilt.



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From the tinternet


How to clean up after spilled milk:
  1. Use a dry cloth or sponge to soak up as much of the milk as possible.
  2. Mix together 2 cups of warm water and 1 tablespoon of washing-up liquid. ...
  3. Sprinkle the area with baking soda and leave for approximately 30 minutes. ...
  4. Vacuum the area afterwards.

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The Boy dropped an ice cream in the back of my ranger and I didn't see it.

Not good.

Had to drive with the windows open for a few weeks but knew not to wet it as it just keeps coming back.

Tell her to deal with it!

Or if you want to keep your nuts try the suggestions above and anything else!




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Once had some eels in the back of jag we stopped for a few beers somebody asked if he could buy them sent my mate to get them when we counted them there was one missing thought we had misted  counted what we had caught a couple of days later the car stunk like hell could not think what it was for a bit then it hit me that lost bloody eel it was under the spare wheel did it bloody stink for weeks 

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Baking soda mixed into a paste and spread over the affected area. Leave it a few days until it dries then hoover it out. Absolutely worked for me in similar circumstances. As I understand it, it deprives the bacteria of oxygen and kills them off completely. It's the bacteria that generates the smell. 

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One of the really nasty so called practical jokes (actually more like harassment) yobs did was to lever back the rubber window seals on their victim's car and sqiurt milk into the door or footwell 

Or they would pour it into the heater air intake under the windscreen

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