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Dedito moorland boots


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Dedito shooting/walking boots, good boots these. If you know the name you will know what they retail at. Outgrown by my son  still great condition excellent treads few stains around the top shown in pics but not to bad. size 5 ,I found mine smallish and got a size up, I'm  10 so got a 11 so trying on would be recommended if possible. £80 postage inc20210517_215754.jpg.4a4f5a7d2b576c3811b10c980820a065.jpg20210517_215834.jpg.b6addf820dfdc1fa70349456ff5d4a8f.jpg20210517_215812.jpg.3a09fe6f16d8de1ca19c7193a5395946.jpg20210517_215907.jpg.47eff502891555586b47a39cfcecdb7c.jpg

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