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Chesil beach fishing.


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Hi everyone, can anybody give me any information on how the Chesil is fishing at present.  I have a meet with my family from London for the first time since lockdown and wondered which marks were fishing well and what baits are working.  Have the mackerel arrived yet?



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When are you thinking of coming down? Right now it's lashing it down, we've got high winds and it's all a bit miserable. The weekend should be nice though with low winds and decent tides coming through too. As long as the weed clears...

Chesil will do what Chesil does. It'll either be brilliant or terrible, with little in between! Given the state of the tides, I'd pack a lure rod for the odd cheeky short session after the bass. They're starting to show now. I'm hoping to get the yak out towards the end of the week/weekend, so I'll know more about what's what and what's not then. 

and yes. SPIDER CRABS. woe.

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Just home and not even got the tackle out of the car. Didn't expect much from a few hours on a falling tide. Very bright as expected with a slight on shore breeze, small surf big under tow and current flowing strongly from East to West. Air temperature on the cars thermometer was 22.5 Centigrade whilst mobile, heaven's alone knows what it was on the pebbles. Approx 100 rods either side of us and didn't see any thing caught and most rods had their terminal tackle hanging off the rod tips not even in the water.  Not a sea gull in sight so it was pretty much a desert. Tried a ledger in close with various baits and also a bubble float using small white bait in case of a wandering bass just beyond the breaker line and into it. A small rib was fishing a couple of hundred yards off shore and didn't see any action there either.

Conclusion, no sea gull activity = No fish.

At least the particulate filter on the car had a good blow through and a nice pub lunch before coming home.




PS didn't fish at West Bex fished at the Tropical Gardens area at  Abbotsbury,

. Even though loads of people there, there was still plenty of parking. Toilets and shop open. Car park ticket machine out of order so no one was paying for parking. Charges run at £1 per hour up to 7 hours, then £8 for 24 hours.

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