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 Don't know how he can possibly shoot without a front sight on his gun, especially when he could have one of those lovely flourescent red or green ones perched on the end. One of those coupled with a lovely mid bead and it would be impossible to miss !  :whistling:

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9 hours ago, 100milesaway said:

😀You would be amazed at the number of drivers who stare at the bonnet of their car when driving.from Auntie.🤤

Indeed. Or to be more precise, the wings, but you still need to know where they are in relation to other obstacles like parked vehicles and gateways at slow speeds. 

The same applies to your muzzle, bead or not. We must be aware of the muzzle in our periphery, how else would we know where it is in relation to the target, and therefore when to pull the trigger? 

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