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On 30/05/2021 at 23:13, jamesleee123 said:

The problem was he shot across four gardens, hit someone else's property and shot at a pigeon at sixty yards with open sights, it wasn't moaning about someone plinking in the garden. He broke a string of laws and that is a problem to the airgun community.

i would suggest   ( you)     i shoot air rifles as well  would you like to come down the local club  with me as new to the area      i can show you around      he may not know about other types of shoot  the law etc     and embrace it     with a little help      so help      its  another one on our side  against antis 

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On 24/05/2021 at 21:17, clangerman said:

i would name and shame any rdf who tarred all airgun users as idiots obviously a retailer to avoid 

Trouble is they may have a point. Obviously not all air gunners are irresponsible swan shooters but the public perception suggests that we are.

A quick glance at most FB Airgun related pages tells you all you need to know about the idiots, like this neighbour, who are out there. 

If it happens again then maybe a quite word. Even if he had taken the pigeon at that range (both unlikely and unethical) there was no intention for picking up after. Random pot-shots at anything is not a good thing. Luck tends to run out. 

I would be concerned at any undue attention it could bring your way. 

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