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Forsden Major County Full Track

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Posted (edited)

Is it worth a resto project?

Not for me, it's beyond my capabilities. 

I might be a while replying as 4G signal here is hit and miss.

Thanks anyway. 







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main thing is the grousers look in good condition...........you wont have a problem with the engine as it is a super major unit....parts still available.....its just mainly the tin work

yellow colour suggests it was a construction unit in its first life

has it got

  1. 3pt linkage
  2. PTO output shaft
  3. or just a drawbar

if it hasnt got a PTO then it has a simple single stage clutch...so thats easy and simple....not sure if the final drives are wet or dry clutches....

its basically a super or power major on a frame with a simple back end on it and idlers on the front instead of wheels....should be mechanically an easy fix..........the tracks tensioners i think would be mechanical not grease hydraulic...so easy peasy

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No PTO as far as I can see. Apparently still runs if jumped. Just needs TLC. LOL very lot of TLC

Farmer told me he has "thousands" of pigeon on his crops, so far I've seen 1 gull, 1 small low flying aeroplane and too many cats.

But.....he has barns full of half finished projects and the most amazing workshop outside a commercial garage. A nice unshood Shire horse and a old carriage to go behind it.







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7 hours ago, D_shooter said:

Where is this and will he sell??? 

No, nothing for sale. They're all projects in the waiting. We just got to chatting about them and what it would take to get them up and running again.

Bit of wishful thinking on my part as I couldn't do them even I wanted too.

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