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Voice Release System

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Hi Guys


I'm new to the forum but wondered if anyone had any advice.


I'm looking for wired voice release and have been looking at a BRB Systems USA set which I found on this website www.ukreleasesystems.com


Just wondered if there was anyone who has used one of these over here?



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I don't know if it is the same brand, but the ones I have used have always been a little frustrating.

You either have to shout at it three times before it releases the clay, bend and shout into the cone then rush your positioning and mount, or it will release the clay when you close your gun. I don't think I've had a round where they have worked as intended.

Maybe I've never come across one that has had the sensitivity set up correctly, but I much prefer having a scorer with a button. I avoid the voice release systems whenever I can.

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I've tried voice release once at a clay ground in Northumberland, and found it to be horribly inconsistent. 

I did use a foot pedal release at a ground in Lancs a few years ago that was quite nice


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Posted (edited)

Look no further than Canterbury. By far the most reliable acoustic system. Parts are readily available and at a decent price. They’ve become so commonplace it’s years since I’ve shot anything other than an acoustically released trap, even the skeet layouts have them now.



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Faux Degla has the Promatic One - works really well - when it isn't windy!!!

looks like a button box with a mike coming off it that you clip on  your vest - press the button for what you want - HIGH LOW PAIR

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