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Stock Cast!

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I own a Berretta SP 12g (circa 13 years) and bought my teenage son a Browning B525 20g which was the best fit for him in our local reputable gun shop.

Anyway my query is that the castings are quite different, Berretta is more extreme than the Browning. 

Where should the stock actually fit into your shoulder? Just looking for sone feedback to satisfy my curiosity ...

For the record I can hit clays with both guns and do absolutely love the 28” Browning 20g.

Many thanks in advance



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Posted (edited)

Stand with whichever arm is attached to the shoulder you shoot from down by your side but bent at the elbow so that your forearm is across your tummy. Now feel that shoulder with the other hand and find the bone in your shoulder. Move your hand in until you just start to come off off the bone and hold your hand still but now raise your shooting arm sideways and you'll feel a fleshy 'pocket' open up. That is where your stock fits. This stops you getting bruised and ensures - or helps to - that the shot is consistently placed.

PS  The lad will keep growing and you'll start to shrink. Give him the Beretta and keep the Browning for yourself. :innocent:

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